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SILVER 999.00 200.00 0.5 1600.00
GOLD 1999.00 400.00 1 3200.00




Please note that:

Red color is Un- Active ID 
Green color is Active ID


1 PV = 1.00 (Rupee) 
First 2:1 or 1:2 Ratio, Then 1 : 1 up to unlimited depth.
200 PV: 200 PV = Rs. 200.00

Note: Payout Matching will be realized as PV System. As per Pair Matching if you carry (Left Side) 200 PV: (Right Side) 600 PV then Payout will be realize 200 PV: 200 PV in matching Pair Payout. Remaining carry forward is (Left side) 0.00 PV: (Right side) 400 PV continue and also in next as per your activity you can earn directly or throughout your Team.

Franchises Income:

Those who are interest to take the Franchises from our Company then, he / she Must be Deposit amounting of Rs. 25000/- (Twenty Five thousand) against Products & PIN without deduction of Franchises commission. And after next of every time you must be placed of rupees five thousand only in minimum after deduction of Rs. 5% Franchises commission directly from your end. If you are interest to take Franchises from our company then you also signed the Companies Proper Low -full Documentation after your full satisfaction.

Matching Rewards:

  • 50 Rp Matching: --------- Android Phone.
  • 100 Rp Matching: --------- Laptop.
  • 500 Rp Matching: --------- Bike.
  • 1500 Rp Matching: --------- Alto 800.
  • 5000 Rp Matching: --------- XUV 500.

Note: All Reward is next to next.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Daily Pay-Out can be shown in your E-Wallet.
  • Weekly Closing on Saturday, Every Week.
  • Pay-out will released within 72 Business Hours directly, to your Bank Account
  • Which was mention by you at the time of accounts update in your Own Name? Through NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, FUND TRANSER which are applicable.
  • Minimum Pay-out released to your Bank Account is Rs.500.00 (ID to ID Fund Transfer Minimum Amount Rs. 500.00)
  • As par Government Rules TDS charges as 5% & Admin charges 10% will be applicable.
  • One PAN Card get maximum 3 ID., also one Mobile Number is allowed for 3(Three) ID. If someone get caught deny our rules, Company will terminate his/her ID immediately.
  • Transportation charge will be extra as applicable.
  • Company is not responsible for any cash paid to Third party.
  • The company reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions. Products, Schemes, Business and Policies, are given with prior notice through our Websites www.nwcprivate.com and it will be binding to our all Distributors and Members of the Company.


Our Bank Details

Account Name: Naturedose Wellness care PVT. LTD.
Bank: Bank Of India
A/C No.: 50632-011-0000-110
Branch: Mawlai
IFSC: BKID0005063